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As a fellow Michigander (grew up there and then left), I know exactly what you are saying. The people there seem to vote for people and policies that continue to drive business from the state. What a shame.

Hi Dan,

Thanks for your comments. It is a shame and the longer this goes on, more and more extreme measures will be required to turn things around. It's like watching a bad car accident in slow motion. And its really not about which party should be in the lead--it's simply about which policies are better, regardless of which party executes them.

At the moment, I feel like Granholm has convinced herself that Michigan's problems cannot be directly attributed to anything she has or hasn't done and thus absolves herself of having to take leadership in making the truly tough choices that need implemented.

I can imagine my parents, who run a small business, moving at some point down south or out west, like so many other families and skilled individuals have decided to do.

The state is beautiful, and I would love to live there again someday, but I would be moving back because making a good living elsewhere allowed me to do it.

I hope this recession provides a harsh lesson and wake-up call.

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