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As a fellow member of the Sino-American Connectivity Society,(Married to a person of Chinese nationality) I can say that I've been there, and done that. My wife was already here and working for a company on an H-1 visa. Our process was lengthy but we did not find it strewn with rocks as attested by Dan. It is perhaps good for us that we live in Southern California where there are dozens of law firms specializing in this process. Today, my wife is a citizen and active participant in the most important aspect of citizenship, voting in her second presidental election.

Thanks for the comments, Tom! I like the sound of this society :-) I don't know if my wife will someday become a citizen, but after having stayed with my parents for an extended period in Michigan during this election year, she definitely has a better sense of American politics than what is fed to us over here in the overseas media. Hope all is well!

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